Lenovo - Data Centre
14 markets and 7 different languages


Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC vendor. With more than 50,000 employees and more than US$46 billion in sales, Lenovo is a global leader in innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies.

The Brief

To develop and execute an ‘always-on’ content marketing strategy which incorporated big picture campaign management to:

  • Increase the quality of the lead pipeline and the value of sales.
  • Generate a pipeline of qualified, warm leads for sales to follow up.
  • Strengthen brand awareness and increase predisposition to Lenovo and demand for Lenovo products.
  • Position Lenovo as thought leaders in the technology industry.

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Global Content Repository

The integrated strategy combined content marketing, native advertising, social media, email marketing and marketing automation to target technology decision-makers (TDMs) across 13 major markets. With original branded content published in seven languages.

My role was the global product manager of the Content Marketing Platform (CMP). my team supported the content planning, approval workflow, asset management and content analysis of all content produced.

Content Marketing Insight

Connecting strategy with insight, the content marketing platform provides real data attributed to every piece of content made.