14 markets and 7 different languages


Canon is the world’s leading imaging organisation that actively inspires with imaginative ideas that enable people to connect, communicate and achieve more than they thought possible.

The Brief

Through research of more than 1000 Australian organisations, which identified growth, cost management and customer engagement as the top business goals for 2014, Canon saw that one of the biggest challenges for small to medium businesses (SMBs) is finding the time to keep up with the latest trends while managing and operating their businesses.

Tasked with providing content marketing services to help build a platform for Australian SMBs. The platform would act as a source of news and expert insights to help SMBs navigate the rapidly changing technology and workplace environments.

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Canon Fast Business
Global Content Repository

The integrated strategy combined content marketing, native advertising, social media, email marketing and marketing automation to target technology decision-makers (TDMs) across 13 major markets. With original branded content published in seven languages.

My role was the global product manager of the Content Marketing Platform (CMP). my team supported the content planning, approval workflow, asset management and content analysis of all content produced.

Content Marketing Insight

Connecting strategy with insight, the content marketing platform provides real data attributed to every piece of content made.