End-to-end integrated approach to digital marketing


“ With Sam’s deep marketing and product knowledge, Communiqué will continue to evolve into the must-have tool for brand publishers. Sam has a keen interest in technology so we can expect to see some very interesting new directions in the Communiqué roadmap, particularly around analytics and content distribution. ”

Paul Ford

“ Sam was a fantastic colleague – very hands on and a great team player. He was always sharing ideas and looking to improve existing processes where ever possible. His recommendations during campaign implementation demonstrated his vast experience in the digital space. ”

Fiorella K

“ Sam’s the epitome of a true all-rounder – a full stack marketer, a product manager, BDM, and entrepreneur bundled in one. Sam wore multiple hats in his role at King Content – and made an impact very quickly.

From building the product roadmap and commercial strategy to making significant product enhancements, building a global pipeline of opportunities and implementing a new website, he nailed it. ”

Wasif Kasim

Wasif Kasim

“ Sam is an exceptional executive who understands his customers’ requirements, and helps bring genuine business value to the organisations he works with. I have known and worked with Sam for many years, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. In summary I would say Sam is a reliable, confident, honest and easygoing person. ”

Taraz Lalehzari

“ I worked with Sam on a couple of projects. He is imaginative, has a flair for design and he worked diligently to deliver a quality product. He took constructive feedback well and his ability to quickly understand a brief meant he wasted little time. ”

Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher

“ Sam and I have worked together on a few projects, and his value has been second to none. With a strong background and entrepreneurial flair, he thinks strategically and combines this with hands on skills. It makes for a great combination and is always supportive with questions and queries. Strongly recommend his work, especially with online marketing and web development. ”

Gordon D'Mello

Gordon D'Mello

“ Sam’s strength is in his ability to undersand what is important and what changes are going to net rewards. Whilst working with Sam it was very clear to see he had an eye for quick wins and low hanging fruit whilst also being able to target the bigger challenges and changes that would be required from a strategic point of view and gave a clear and concise reasons why the business should move in certain directiosn form a digital stand point and also how it shou d be approached. Through my time working with Sam i forged a trusting realtionship with him that saw me looked to him for his advice and council on a number of projects. ”

Ian Inguanez

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