Project Overview

Lenovo Think Progress Content Hub

Lenovo is a computer technology company with dual Chinese and US head offices and over US$38bn in revenue. 

Following our hugely successful work with Lenovo in Australia, Lenovo EMEA required the development of a strategy for its small and mid-market B2B business units.


  • Increase demand for Lenovo products among IT decision-makers in companies with up to 1,000 employees, across 13 European markets.
  • Lead generation
  • Strengthen brand awareness
Lenvo Content Hub - Sam Akbari

Planning and Discovery

  • ​Clarify business objectives and goals
  • Discuss priorities​ and objectives
  • Defining audience​
  • Content audit

Research & Analysis

  • Conduct in-depth audience & competitor analysis and market research​
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research and analysis​:
  • Informs site headers (broad content pillars) 
  • Sub-categories and topics to be covered under each header​
  • Title tags, Meta-description tags and Alt tags​

Strategy Development

  • Map goals and objectives to best sources of traffic & set amplification strategy. 
  • Select the best mix of content types based on traffic sources and editorial strategy
  • Combine keyword research & editorial strategy to determine best mix of topics for content strategy
  • Compile recommendations and report to Lenovo 
  • Set definitive 3, 6 and 12 month KPI’s (KC & Lenovo to work together)
  •  Sign off on scope of works


  • Work with Tonic on improvements to site design​
  • Develop an editorial calendar and start work​
  • Monthly reporting and analysis. KC to report each month their insights, changes, recommendations​




Since the launch of the German Think-Progress site in January this year, Think Progress EMEA has averaged 14,615 unique visitors per month.

Social amplification

0.35% target CTR for LinkedIn. 1.19% actual CTR – a testament to the quality of content and relevance of the targeted audience.


78% bounce rate an indication that Think Progress is attracting a highly targeted and engaged audience.


4,481 sales qualified leads are generated by Think Progress per month on average. Think Progress leads account for over $118 in sales over the last 13 months.

Project Summary

Strategy Development

The Challenge

Lenovo operates in an extremely crowded B2B technology space and therefore needed to change the way it was communicating with the market to generate brand awareness and more leads.

Lenovo wanted to move away from a product and price-based marketing and start connecting with prospects on a deeper and more relevant level, based on their challenges and pain points. Lenovo had the added challenge of needing to drive leads across 13 European markets and in seven languages.

The Opportunity

Lenovo was looking for an online marketing and communications strategy that would reach out to the company’s target consumer, professional and SMB audiences within existing digital platforms and social media channels being used on a daily basis.

The challenge was how to be heard in an already crowded marketplace – a place where educational and marketing content relating to technology and hardware was already prolific, and where product messaging was easily lost in the noise. Tasked with devising a way to do this effectively and on a continuous basis that was measurable and led to a direct return on Lenovo’s investment in the content on the Think Progress website.

The Strategy

After defining the audience’s needs and having a deep understanding of the market sector Lenovo was looking to attract, an online content, social and marketing strategy that leveraged existing Lenovo channels and content to create a new amplification hub within the prominent professional social network, LinkedIn.

A strategy for Lenovo that combined elements of content marketing, native advertising, social media, email marketing and marketing automation to target ITDMs was developed across 13 major markets.

By providing valuable editorial content and resources to their target audience, Lenovo opened up opportunities to:

  • Engage new prospects and build relationships
  • Increase the predisposition of ITDMs to Lenovo products and services.
  • Assess user behaviour in order to score their readiness to purchase.
  • Drive more inbound leads and enquiries, and increase the conversions rates of outbound calling.
  • A partnership which led to publishing relevant, actionable and insightful content on topics of interest to ITDMs, to drive engagement, interest, awareness and consideration of Lenovo products and services.

The content would:

  • Inform the audience of the latest IT and business trends.
  • Educate on the business case for Lenovo products.
  • Position Lenovo as a solutions provider for SMB/mid-market.
  • Engage the target audience with content that was shareable, snackable and relevant.
  • Convert prospects to leads through form completions, sign-ups and calls-to-action.

Utilising a LinkedIn Company Page, the strategy revolved around serving followers and the existing public news feeds with highly relevant and shareable content that was custom-created for both niche and broad-topic areas relating to technology, Lenovo’s brand offerings, self-image and business.

The strength of the engagement rested on the use of a wide range of social media amplification channels within localised regions, driving them back to both a platform-focused hub within LinkedIn – the Think Hub Showcase Page – as well as the existing Think Progress website.