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Employee speaking with customer via social network
Customer Acquisition

What is customer acquisition strategy

Customer acquisition is a crucial part of any business. It involves attracting new customers and converting them into paying customers. A successful customer acquisition strategy can help a business grow and thrive.

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MoSCoW Prioritization
Solution Strategy

What is MoSCoW Prioritisation?

MoSCoW prioritisation is a method used in project management to prioritise requirements and objectives. It is a useful tool for ensuring that all stakeholders agree on the most important aspects of a project and that resources are allocated accordingly.

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Marketing and Sales must align - Sam Akbari
Customer Acquisition

Why sales and marketing MUST Align

Let’s talk about a sales and marketing problem most companies have struggled with for years. I’m not talking about lead generation, market share, or customer retention, although it does impact each of those things and so much more. I’m talking about the chasm that separates Sales and Marketing.

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