Customer expectations and behaviours are changing dramatically in this digital age... is your brand keeping up?

Traditional marketing strategies have evolved to become customer-centric experiences. Working with your team, Sam delivers customer-centric, not product-centric processes and solutions.

Customer Centricity - Sam Akbari Consulting

Customer Experience Strategy

A documented marketing strategy ensures that the customer is front and centre in all interactions. A solid strategy reviews current practices, establishes a benchmark and ensures the effectiveness of future efforts. Sam has provided the research, experience and knowledge that ensures best practice methods are put in place to connect your brand to people.

Goal matrix

Provides an understanding of your brand’s digital maturity and establishes and measures your strategy’s effectiveness.

Action plan

Sets out the actions internal and external stakeholders need to take including reviews along the way to keep up with change.

Channel and distribution

Establishes the channel selection criteria and helps prioritise future digital efforts inline with the brand’s digital strategy.

CX action plan

Our digital strategy plan is a collaborative effort that creates a high-level plan for your brand’s online activities and interactions for an allocated timeframe. The plan states the paths and actions required to ensure that your brand is available and accessible through the most convenient digital channels available. Making digital communication their prefered method of communication with your brand.

Executive Summary

Explains the nature of the high-level plan and its importance in the digital interaction and activities the brand is going to take for the future.

About us

Explains who we are and the methodology and tools that have been utilised for building your brand’s digital strategy.

Why you need it

Begins to discuss your audience, market position and digital maturity. This is your insurance policy that keeps staff and agencies honest and effective.

What it is

We begin building the vision of the path forward placing strong importance on the measurability, transformation and maturity of your digital presence.